You’re Going to Build or Rehab an Apartment Project

by admin

If you are planning a new multifamily development or intend to substantially rehabilitate an existing project, you should call us early in the process. Rockhall has construction experts who can save you time and money throughout the process. FHA has very detailed third party report requirements. If you are ordering a market study, soil borings or an environmental review, check with us first to make sure that the third party analysts complete the reports to be suitable for an FHA loan application. We are happy to coordinate with your design architect to ensure that the plans meet federal accessibility requirements. HUD processing of construction and substantial rehabilitation loans is very time consuming. But planning a multifamily development or substantial rehabilitation also is time consuming. If we begin the financing process when you begin the development process, the normal delays with obtaining financing can be reduced considerably. HUD is happy to get involved in the development process at the concept stage. In most markets, HUD has done more multifamily construction and rehabilitation loans than anyone else. By involving them early in the process, you can benefit from their experience regarding projects that successfully rented up and projects that didn’t.