FHA Rate Update January 25, 2018

by Avi Brum

Interest rates are on the move again.  The US 10-YR closed at 2.665% yesterday, marking its highest level in over 3 years.  If you’ve been pushing off that refinance, the time to act may be now.  You can still lock in today a 35-year fixed FHA insured loan in the 3.45-3.70% range for a $5 million+ perm loan.  New construction and substantial rehabilitation loans today are pricing in the 3.95-4.20% range. Pricing of FHA apartment and healthcare loans is dependent on the loan size and other factors that may complicate loan processing. As always, these price indications are current as of the date posted and are subject to market interest rate volatility. For more information please contact us at 347-901-4424.