Rockhall Funding offers the full line of FHA and USDA commercial loan programs and expertise in affordable and market-rate apartment and healthcare transactions nationwide. Originally created by a real estate developer, Rockhall is uniquely equipped to help you anticipate construction-related pitfalls that often cause delays and negatively impact profitability.

Since its doors opened in 1998, Rockhall has combined exceptional lending expertise with personalized service. Over the years we have developed tools and processes to help you successfully navigate FHA requirements and reach a successful outcome.

Whether you have worked with HUD before or not, Rockhall can help. Here are just a few reasons why you want us on your team:

  • We have the best toolbox. Known for developing creative solutions, our seasoned team can help you optimize your project financially, attract investors, and avoid unwanted surprises.
  • We don’t give up. We vet all projects thoroughly so, when we take on your deal, you can count on us to be “all in”. We have even closed loans that other lenders abandoned.
  • We walk in your shoes. One integrated, core team works with you throughout the process, anticipating and communicating exactly what is needed and providing prompt answers to all questions, whether environmental, credit, valuation, underwriting, or legal.
  • Our service doesn’t stop at closing. Our in-house servicing operation provides proactive customer care over the life of your loan.

At Rockhall, your success is our success. 
You can count on working with smart, dedicated people who are passionate about what they do. Our team takes the worry out of the process and delivers results that meet your goals.